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South Sox Siders

Cubs Suck Jokes

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1. Did you know that CUBS is an acronym?

  • Completely Useless by September
  • Could U Beat Somebody
  • Could you be suckier?
  • Can Usually Blow Saves (or Series)
  • Completely Useless By Spring
  • Champions Until Baseball Starts
  • Can Usually Be Swept
  • Cork Used By Sammy
  • Cubs Acronym
  • Cant Undo Being Sucky
  • Can't Understand Baseball Scoring
  • Can't Understand Baseball Strategy
  • Constantly Uttering Bull SH@* (When talking about Cub fans)
  • Choke Under Baseball Stress
  • Children Use Better Stategies
  • Crap up baseball's sanctity
  • Completely underachieving batters, starters
  • Cry unnecessarily 'bout Stoney 
  • Constant untimely base-running snafus
  • Cubs Utter Baker Sucks
  • Continually Upstaged By Sox

2. How does a Cub fan keep score at Wrigley Field?

  • He counts the number of beers a girl has until she's drunk enough to hit on.

3. What's it called when a manager can't win a World Series?

  • "Dustiny".